Terms of Service and Guidelines

One Must Follow The Below Given Rules While Chatting To Maintain Nice,Clean And Friendly Chat Environment

1. Respect Everyone.
2. No Chat Drama.
3. No Cussing.
4. No Unfair Bans (For Admins)
5. No Spamming.
6. No Advertising, or group chats in your name or status.
7. No Asking for Ranks.
8. No Profane Language from Staff.
9. No Flaming or Trolling.(fighting).
10. No Unfair Kicks (For Admins and Moderators)
11.No Cybering.(Internet Sex)
12. No Racism.
13. Please Dont Beg for Members/Subscribers Days.
14. You should not play in main by continueously clicking on a specific nick name.
15. Do not disturb main by continually posting the same message OR smiles.
16. Please DO NOT send bad pictures in PRIVATE, if others send you bad pictures please IGNORE them by clicking their name.
17. All Caps is not allowed. It is called "Shouting".
18. You are not allowed to come with any registered user nick in order to deceive or ruin other users impression.
19. You are not allowed to disclose personal information of others without their permission.