Why Nepalese hate India?

Yesterday I went to a Nepalese Chat website to see what they think about Indians. I wanted to have partnership with that website owners so that we can share our users to make a better chat room. I always had that thought that Nepal and India are close friends and they like Indian people just as we like Nepalese people. And so I was very sure that he would like to have a partnership with us, since it was a win-win situation for both for us. So I waited there in the chat room for an hour waiting for him to come. Though I didn't find him on chat room that day I met with several other Nepalese in the chat room and each of them had this very bitter and sour feeling for India. They told me several reasons for why they hate India more than anything else.  Below I'm listing their reasons that I got from them and also from a quick Google Search.

1. They think that India has captured Nepal Territory:  In the past Nepal fought with Indian rulers and conquered few parts of India like Sikkim and Darjeeling. Britishers then fought with Nepal and forced them to sign a treaty. The treaty was Sugauli Treaty . According to that Treaty Nepal has to return back what he has initially conquered. After Independence of India few Nepalese think that we should return them those area which were taken away from them by the Britishers. They don't realize that those area were never of Nepal. They conquered it and then they returned it. But few people of Nepal are not able to understand it and they hate India for not returning those areas to Nepal.

Read more about it here http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WO0906/S00228.htm

2. They hate Indian because few Indians think that Buddha was born in India: Few people in India think that Lord Buddha was born in India which is not true. Nepalese feel proud that Lord Buddha was born in their country. When they see movies like Chandani Chowk to China where the movie claims that Lorn Buddha was born in India they feel exactly the same way an Indian would feel if somebody says that TajMahal belongs to Pakistan.

3. They think that India is exploiting their water resources: Nepal is world famous for it's water resources. People in Nepal feel that India use their resources more than they use themselves. They have to buy electricity from India. Because Nepal is not able utilize it's water resource and had to depend on India that make Nepalese believe that India had an unfair treaty with Nepal and that we are making them fools.

These are the primary reasons why Nepalese hate Indians and they call Indians as "Dhotis". Among the three main reasons perhaps the second reason relating to Lord Buddha's Birth Place can be sorted out by providing correct information in History classes.

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