SnapSoftIndia now appears on Google Search

Today I am feeling amazing. Looks like all my hard work is paying off. Previously SnapSoftIndia used to come after Facebook for it's own keyword i.e for it's own name, on Google Search. That was frustrating. But today when I searched for SnapSoftIndia on Google, it appeared at the top of search. Facebook page was beneath SnapSoftIndia. Maybe that's an indication that we are going to get at the top of search for every chat keyword in future. No chat owner has ever worked so hard and invested so much time on making a secure chat site as me and I really wish that those hard works and patience will pay off and maybe few years later when I'll read these posts of starting days again, I can feel wonderful by how far I have come in those few years. Maybe I'll have 1000 or maybe 10000 online users. Who knows?

By the way, few users are trying to put me down. They are complaining that the site is too hard to use. Some says it's too hard to login. Some people don't want to verify their email. Few people are too creative with their names and want to use unicode characters with their name. They want me to break all rules for them but that's not going to happen. If these users don't follow our website rules then they don't belong here. I'll rather build a user-base of disciplined users than having all fake people who contribute nothing to our website, country or world. Though the website name has word "India" in it, I am really focusing on American users who can understand the importance of having a secure website than an easy website. That's all I have in my mind today.


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l used to hate computers when I was a kid and that was my biggest mistake. I used to hate computers because my school taught computers in a very boring way. Later when I figured out that computers can by used to play musics and watch videos and we can have so much fun with computers, I started taking interest in it. I started messing up with my computer, breaking it and then fixing it. That was so much fun. Later I learned about Internet and website creation. That's was even more fun. I now love computers and I love computer programming. That's the biggest fun in my life.