Now it shows online status on users profile.

Last night I have added one new feature to the website. Now the user online status can be seen directly from his/her profile page. On other social networking websites you have to login and you also need to be a friend with that person in order to see his/her online status but on our website anybody, even those who have not registered can see users online status. That could be a little privacy problem for some users but since we already allow guest access in our chat rooms,anybody can enter the chat and check whether the user is online or not. So it would be meaningless if I only allow registered users to see online status on profile. Maybe later when people will spend more time on our website for social networking instead of online chatting then I may consider changing this policy. Till then it will stay the same.

Another question that might pop up is that how could i make use of this new feature? Well, when you are accessing our website from a laptop or desktop then it isn't of much use since currently we only have 3 rooms, out of those 3 rooms only one room has got few users in it. A logged in user can very easily track his/her friend with his eyes. But when you are on a mobile device, it's little hard to login. so if you are looking for this one person, you can confirm his/her online status from his profile page before taking the trouble to login to our website from a mobile device. Later when we'll get hundreds of users in each room and there will be like tens of rooms then it will be little hard to find your friend. That feature will be very useful in that situation. We hope that those days will come very soon when you'll need to use that feature to find your friend in our chat rooms.


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