How to get your own chat room?

You can get your own chat room at a very affordable price. Our price is much less than any other providers out there. But a very affordable price is not the only thing that we have to offer. Our support is the best in the chat industry. We don't treat you like a customer but as a friend. You can call us, email us or even Whatsapp us. On an average day we usually reply within 15 minutes. Most of the time we reply you within a minute.

What make us different from other providers?

1. We offer you the best price which other hosts don't.

2. We are not very formal, but we are friendly.

3. We try to host you in as good server as possible depending upon how much you pay us.

4. Our prices are negotiable. We have years of experiences in chat hosting and we know where you can save money and where you cannot. So we don't overcharge you for features that you'll never need.

5. We host only one chat in one server and so you don't have to worry about sharing load with other chat rooms. That means your chat can exploit the complete resources of our servers.

6. We provide you a server restart feature which no other chat host provides because they host more than one chat room in a server and they can't afford to restart them all.

7. We provide you a gift upload feature which no other chat room host provides.

8. Beside that since we are very friendly, we try to help you with any other problems, with your life,with you website or with your internet connection 😛

To get your own chat room, write us at

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