few things that we need to change for the development of India on Internet

I want to start this article with few data that I collected by a quick Google Search.

1. Percent of users in India that use Internet: 15.1%

Indian internet population
15.1% of Indian population use Internet

2. Population of India: 1.252 Billion

population of india
Population of India

So the total number of Internet users in India is 15.1% of 1.252 billion. That is roughly equal to 189.052 Million.

If there are so many Indian users on Internet then why Indian webmasters can't earn as much as American webmasters? And why Indian people especially Indian housewife don't see blogging as a way to make some extra money.

Let's pull some more data from Google search.

3. Average Income of an Indians per month: Rs 5729 (Ref: IndiaTimes.Com)

India's per capita income
India's Per capital income is Rs 5729 per month

But one can very easily earn more than Rs 5729 per month by blogging online. Let me tell you my personal experience. About 4 years ago my brother had a blog where he used to provide cast and crew for latest movies. He had cast and crew details for about 200-300 movies on his blog and he used to earn an average of about $5 daily. Finding cast and crew for movies was too much of a work and therefore he decided to switch business and then he founded Come2Chat.com. There we used to earn an average of about $10 daily. Unfortunately we had to remove ads from that website because of a change in Google's policies and according to the new policies we were not allowed to place ads on a chat website and the result of that was that our income dropped to $0.5 to $1 daily. But by earning a $10 average for a month we proved that it's not impossible for people to earn money from Internet.

So let's come back to our main point. If earning from Internet is not impossible why don't Indian people such as unemployed youths and housewives choose internet as a way to earn money. They have lots of free time then why don't they trade their free time with some money?

There are various reasons but one primary reason is that majority of them don't know how to read and write in English. Our mother tongue is Hindi but when it comes to internet we have to deal with English language. Even when making a website only for Indian users we have to use English as our language. I'm also using English language for writing this blog post.  But why?

There are various reasons. And few of the reasons are as follows

1. Webmasters' don't know how to write and type in Hindi.

2. People don't search Google in Hindi and so it's very unlikely that somebody would find a Hindi article on a Google search.

3. It's possible that Hindi fonts will not show up on your user's browser as he/she might not have a Hindi font installed on his/her computer.

How can we change the situation?

1. We have to somehow spread this message to everyone in this country that they should learn to type in Hindi.

2. Webmasters and Bloggers should create more and more articles in Hindi language. In fact soon I'm going to create a Hindi version of our website and all future articles in the blog.

3. Everybody should first try to search Google in our language before searching it in English language. That way we will make sure that the entire Indian traffic will be monetized by only Indian webmasters.

What's the benefit of using Hindi as our Internet language?

1. More people will be able to use internet that will eventually increase the internet population of India from 15.1% to maybe 30%.

2. Everybody in this country will get a chance to earn from Internet.

3. Only Indians will be benefited from the Indian traffic.

4. Webmaster can create English articles too in addition to regular Hindi articles and so they'll be able to monetize some English speaking traffic too along with Indian traffic.

What's the disadvantage of using English as our Internet Language?

1. Though we can write in English, we will always be at a little disadvantage in comparison to an American or British webmaster as they are writing in their native language and they will be able to write much better article with less effort.

2. India is the third largest country based on number of Internet users. But Indian webmasters are able to monetize only a few percent of our native users.

3. There are very few YouTube videos in Hindi and because of strong accent of Indians very few people actually dare to create a recording with voice on YouTube.  And nobody like a video tutorial without voice. So we are missing a large opportunities to earn from YouTube.

Let me know what you think about my thought. Thanks.

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