Added a new feature to fill up users profile

Now users profile page will show last 3 uploaded avatars. That will help us to fill up the users profile with some content. Initially it used to look empty and uninteresting. Now it will be bring some grace to the profile page. Users aren't deploying the features as I thought initially. Maybe with some more development users will find it fun to use the services.

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l used to hate computers when I was a kid and that was my biggest mistake. I used to hate computers because my school taught computers in a very boring way. Later when I figured out that computers can by used to play musics and watch videos and we can have so much fun with computers, I started taking interest in it. I started messing up with my computer, breaking it and then fixing it. That was so much fun. Later I learned about Internet and website creation. That's was even more fun. I now love computers and I love computer programming. That's the biggest fun in my life.